Meet the owners, Christie &Tyler, and learn about their journey in starting Rocky Reef Brewing Company.  

"there is always something happening around a beer."

Rocky Reef Brewing Co.

Current Tap List:‚Äč

The Outhouse - Brown Ale

A Big Red Hen - Amber Ale

Staycation - Blonde Ale

Diet Starts Tomorrow - Peanut butter donut stout

Southbound - Key Lime Pie Sour

Never Fail - Pale Ale

Freshman Haze - Hazy Double IPA

Just Wheat it! - Cranberry Wheat

Muskybite  - IPA

715 - Imperial Stout (sawmill collab)

Grandma's Cookie - Dark wheat

Breakfast in Bed - Blueberry Maple Sour

Smash Barn - American Lager

Guest Taps:

Cider Boys - Hard Cider

Non-alcoholic Root beer - Point Brewery

4-Packs of the following:

The Outhouse - Brown Ale

Just wheat it - Cranberry Wheat

Smash Barn - American Lager

715 - Imperial Stout (Sawmill Collab)

Grandmas Cookie - Dark Wheat

Breakfast in Bed - Blueberry Maple Sour

Coming Soon:

Cold Lunch - Peanutbutter and Jelly Ale

Winding Trail - Chocolate Porter

Juicer Mcgavin - Hazy IPA